Valve Sales


To ensure quick and efficient response to our clients our warehouse is utilized for safe and secure keeping of new Valves, Spare Parts Maintenance commodities and Corrosion Protection Materials. Our facility consists of approximately 6,500 sq feet of covered secure space.
We Import and Stock the following:

  • Valves of various Manufacturers, Models and Sizes
  • OEM Valve Spares
  • Actuators (Bettis, Rotork etc.)
  • Valve Maintenance Equipment,
  •  Valve Maintenance Tools
  • Valve Maintenance Lubricants, Sealants and Fittings

In our documented procedure for Preservation of Product we outline the handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery of products. This is executed to preserve the integrity of all commodities by properly identifying each product and its constituency parts and also providing the necessary Equipment, Personnel, Facilities and Information to ensure product conformity throughout all stages of our delivery process. The methods used for handling products, parts, and materials would, ensure that they are neither damaged nor subjected to deterioration.
Designated areas are assigned for product and material storage. Product and material receipt and dispatch are done in accordance with accepted methods of stock control. Materials and products in-stock are periodically inspected to detect any possible deterioration or kept until expiration date. Where deterioration is detected such product is treated as a nonconforming product and the procedures for nonconforming product are applied.



For decades, corrosion has affected us in one way or the other. Over the years, technology has allowed for protection against corrosion in a wide range of areas. Valcom EMI Limited in partnership with Trenton Corporation provides a line of Anticorrosion Wax-Tapes that is specially designed to mitigate your corrosion issues. Trenton Corporation in one of the world's leaders in corrosion protection with Anticorrosion Wax-Tape Systems engineered for:

  • Above ground applications.

  • Underground applications.

  • Wet surfaces.

  • High temperature applications.

Why Trenton?

  • 30 years of PROVEN service

  • 2 layer overlap

  • Microcrystalline wax derivative as opposed to petrolatum

  • One time application

Trenton WrapTrenton Wrap

Wraps we have done:

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